Kearsley Public School

Individuals achieving goals together

Telephone02 4990 1705

About our school

Kearsley Public School provides a stable, caring environment which promotes tolerance and encouragement.

The well-presented school buildings and welcoming landscaped play areas are conducive to learning. We recognise and respect the range of values and attitudes towards learning that exists within the community.

We believe the community expects that quality learning programs will be provided and that the safety of students remains an on-going priority. Therefore it is the school's intention to foster the positive growth of harmony and personal well-being. Within this atmosphere, striving for a personal best in any or all endeavours becomes a worthwhile and achievable goal.

The school and its community believe this is the foundation for the development of all students into responsible citizens who value the concept of life-long learning.

Download the Kearsley Public School Information Booklet (DOCX 1.4MB) for more information.

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